Cannot deploy an Azure container app created via Terraform with VS2022

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Hi everyone, I think there is a bug in VS 2022, but l am not able to report the problem on developer community.

I created with Terrafrom the following Azure resources:

  • A docker container registry
  • A User-managed identity
  • A log analytics workspace
  • A Container app environment
  • A container app

I also createad manually a second container app that is inside the same enviroment I created with terraform.

I can successfully publish my VS project to the container app I created manually.

But it fails if I try to publish the VS project to the container app I created with terraform.

I try to give you more details.

resource "azurerm_container_app" "portal_api" {
  name                         = "${var.env_prefix}-portal-ca-westeu"
  container_app_environment_id =
  resource_group_name          =
  revision_mode                = "Single"

identity {
    type         = "UserAssigned"
    identity_ids = [ ]
secret {
    name  = azurerm_container_registry.docker_cr.admin_username
    value = azurerm_container_registry.docker_cr.admin_password
registry {
    server   = azurerm_container_registry.docker_cr.login_server
    identity =
template {
    min_replicas = 1
    max_replicas = 1
container {
      name   = "${var.env_prefix}-portal-ci-westeu"
      image  = ""
      cpu    = 0.5
      memory = "1Gi"
ingress {
    allow_insecure_connections = false
    external_enabled           = true
    target_port                = 80
traffic_weight {
      percentage = 100
tags = {
    Source = "${var.iac}"
lifecycle {
    ignore_changes = [ 

The container app generated seems to be exctly the same of the container app I created manually. The secret was not necessary because of the managed identity. I added it for trying to resolve my problem.

I remember you that the container environment is the same.

Now I try to publish the project in the container app created via Terraform. I get this error:


The logs in output windows does not report anything interesting, anything different respect when I publish the project successfully in the other app.

Last thing that can be useful:
From the message I understand that the problem is in the registry. But

  1. Both publish profile use the same registry, the one I created with terraform.
  2. In any case, the image is correctly published in the registry, even if I get the error. The real thing is that when I get the error the image app in the app container does not change!
  3. I can publish correctly the image to the registry

Ah, last important thing:
If I edit and deploy new revision from Azure portal, everything works correctly. The container app seems have no problem.

It’s first time I using container app, and firt time I am creating the via terraform. So I hope I wrote everything.

Thank you


Here the last rows of the output windows:

Pushing image to the container app
========== Build: 3 succeeded, 0 failed, 2 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========
========== Build started at 9:23 AM and took 02:34,887 minutes ==========
========== Publish: 1 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 skipped ==========
========== Publish started at 9:23 AM and took 02:34,887 minutes ==========

Waiting for container app to be ready...
The push refers to repository []
d2a444b28773: Preparing
5f70bf18a086: Preparing
8c9001948539: Preparing
fd11bc2248c6: Preparing
9afe16093224: Preparing
2e665bc92a8b: Preparing
5a8a15f6e841: Preparing
ed7b0ef3bf5b: Preparing
5a8a15f6e841: Waiting
ed7b0ef3bf5b: Waiting
8c9001948539: Layer already exists
9afe16093224: Layer already exists
5f70bf18a086: Layer already exists
fd11bc2248c6: Layer already exists
d2a444b28773: Layer already exists
ed7b0ef3bf5b: Layer already exists
5a8a15f6e841: Layer already exists
2e665bc92a8b: Layer already exists
20230503072624: digest: sha256:xxxx size: 1996
Container app is ready.

It seems everything was ok… And it is the same output I receive when I publish on the app container I created manually

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