Synapse Stop and Restart Triggers missing in Github Actions

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In the following link:

There is a way for stopping and restarting triggers in Azure DevOps Release pipeline. But this is missing for Github Actions. The only thing we have available is to deploy/validate templates.

How can I stop and restart triggers so they can be automatically deployed using Github Actions?

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  1. BhargavaGunnam-MSFT 28,111 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello Rhuan Samary Barreto,

    Welcome to the MS Q&A platform.

    To stop a trigger, you can include the below code in the workspace template.

    az synapse trigger stop --name "myTrigger" --workspace-name "myWorkspace"

    To start a trigger:

    az synapse trigger start --name "myTrigger" --workspace-name "myWorkspace"

    To stop all triggers in a Synapse workspace using the az synapse trigger stop command, you can use the az synapse trigger list command to get a list of all triggers in the workspace, and then loop through the list to stop each trigger.

    # Set the workspace name and resource group name
    # Get the list of triggers in the workspace
    triggerList=$(az synapse trigger list --workspace-name $workspaceName --resource-group $resourceGroupName --query "[].name" -o tsv)
    # Loop through the list of triggers and stop each one
    for triggerName in $triggerList
      echo "Stopping trigger $triggerName"
      az synapse trigger stop --name $triggerName --workspace-name $workspaceName --resource-group $resourceGroupName

    To start all triggers in the end:

    # Loop through the list of triggers and start each one
    for triggerName in $triggerList
      echo "Starting trigger $triggerName"
      az synapse trigger start --name $triggerName --workspace-name $workspaceName --resource-group $resourceGroupName

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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