How do private endpoints work with Self Hosted Integration Runtime in Azure Synapse Analytics?

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So, I want to copy data from an On-Prem SQL server(In my case a VNET) to Synapse's Dedicated SQL POOL privately(without having anything exposed to internet) using private endpoints.

I have a VNET, which has the private endpoint for sql, ondemand sql and dev of the ASA as well as the storage account dlf. My On-Prem network is connected to this network using s2s connection.

When I try to set up a Self Hosted Integration Runtime(SHIR) node in my On-Prem, the On-Prem node gets registered without me having to do any DNS/Host file entry(Unlike ADF where I had to do the hostfile entry for registering the SHIR). Can someone explain me this? Also, is there even a way to achieve what I am trying to do? (That is, copy data from on prem sql to dedicated sql pool totally privately)

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    @Rajat Srivastava - Thanks for the question and using MS Q&A platform.

    A private endpoint for Self-hosted integration runtime is not supported in Azure Synapse Analytics at this moment, while Azure DataFactory has a private endpoint(datafactory) that guarantees private communication between SHIR and ADF.

    Hence, in Azure Synapse Analytics, all network traffic between SHIR node to datafactory service endpoint needs to go from internet.

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