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Good day, I observed that all my saved passwords in the Microsoft Authentication App (MAA) could be easily accessed once an intruder gains access to my Phone. Because the same Phone Password is used for MAA Lock. Therefore, how do I remove/delete all my saved passwords in the MAA? Regards.

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    The process for deleting saved passwords in an authentication app will depend on the specific app you are using. However, here are some general steps that may help you:

    1. Open the authentication app and navigate to the settings menu.
    2. Look for an option that says "Saved Passwords", "Stored Credentials", or something similar.
    3. Once you find the option, select it to view a list of saved passwords.
    4. Look for the password you want to delete and select it.
    5. In most cases, you will see an option to "Delete" or "Remove" the password. Select this option to remove the password from the app.

    If you are having trouble finding the settings menu or deleting the password, you may need to refer to the documentation or support resources for your specific authentication app.

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    For me, my iPhone app doesn’t offer a “Delete“ password option, only “Edit”. I found that if I Edit the password and then delete the URL (I needed to backspace from the end, since I couldn’t get the cell to select by tapping it), then when I go to the next field (username) a choice of “Delete password” is offered. Sometimes I needed to set a blank user name (my choice) first to see this option, but I think it is the empty URL that triggers the menu. As always, YMMV.

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    Oh, after using the “remove the URL” trick to clear passwords, I now find that the choice to “Delete” password is automatically offered when I click on “Edit”. Must be a bug that it doesn’t always appear.

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