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I am looking for basic Microsoft tutorials covering the topic of ViewModels for .net 6 MVC. I see none listed for .net 6 MVC (below). A Google search yields one Microsoft Tutorial for ViewModels for .net 3 MVC (the Music Store tutorial) (below) but I see no actual reference to ViewModels in the tutorial.


  1. Would someone please help me find basic .net 6 ViewModel tutorials on the Microsoft website?
  2. If there are none, would you recommend any other resources covering the topic of basic ViewModels?

Microsoft Re: ViewModels:

Get started with ASP.NET Core MVC - no tutorial on ViewModels

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Part 3: Views and ViewModels - ViewModel tutorial listed with no material on ViewModels

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    when using MVC, there is the View Model, the class instance passed from the controller to the view. This is how the controller passes typed data to the view. The ViewBag (a dictionary collection) can also be used.

    when posting to the action, there is also the binding model. the post data is mapped to an instance of this model.

    the movie example uses Entity model for the view model. this is a bad practice. View model should only have what is needed for the view render.

    It is also common to use the View Model for the post back model. But this can lead to over binding issues. The simpler you keep the view model, the less of the issue this is. You should avoid including data in the view model that you don't want displayed in the html.

    You should also avoid round tripping hidden data. if you do this you should encrypt the data first.

    Always assume the user is using browser tools to hack the data.

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