Have any API can return free space or used of OS disk which is attached to my linux VM?

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I want to find an API which can return free space or anything similar of disk on my Linux VM.

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    Hi Nham hong phuc,

    Yes, there are several APIs that can be used to retrieve information about the free space and usage of the disk on a Linux VM.

    For example the psutil library can be used to retrieve the amount of free space on a disk in a Linux VM. Here is an example Python code snippet that uses psutil to retrieve the amount of free space on the root filesystem:

    import psutil

    disk_usage = psutil.disk_usage('/')

    free_space = disk_usage.free

    print(f"Free space on root filesystem: {free_space} bytes")

    In this example, the psutil.disk_usage() function is called with the path of the filesystem (in this case, '/' for the root filesystem) as an argument. This function returns a named tuple with three fields: total, used, and free. The free field contains the amount of free space on the filesystem in bytes.

    I hope this helps?

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