Cannot connect to SQLlIte in .NET


I placed sqllite file in App_Data the file name is logindb.

When I try to open the file it gives error

   // Create a new database connection:
            sqlite_conn = new SQLiteConnection("|DataDirectory|logindb");
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  1. Sander van de Velde | MVP 30,551 Reputation points MVP


    in the constructor the connectionstring to the database file must be provided.

    The path you demonstrate does to seems to be a valid path, because of the pipe (|) characters.

    Try forward or backward slashes for a change.

    Next to that, I recommend testing if the file exists:

    string curFile = @"c:\temp\test.txt";
    Console.WriteLine(File.Exists(curFile) ? "File exists." : "File does not exist.");

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