Why am I getting a ""Not enough quota available... . Current usage/limit: 0/6. Additional needed: 8" when my YAML specifies `instance_count: 1`? Why does it think I need 8?

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I am trying to create a simple deployment. In my deployment.yaml, I have:

instance_type: Standard_E4s_v3
instance_count: 1

When I run, the deployment fails with ""VmSize":["Not enough quota available for Standard_E4s_v3 in SubscriptionId xxxx. Current usage/limit: 0/6. Additional needed: 8" I don't have any CPU compute in this subscription. The error message says I'm using 0 of my 6 but am asking for 8? But I'm not asking for 8. Where did 8 come from?

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    It reserves 20% of compute for performing upgrades. You asked for 1 instance, so it wants to provision ceiling 1.2 x 1 = 2 instances x 4 vCPUs each = 8 vCPUs.


    You can go to your subscription in the portal -- Usage + quotas and request increase.

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