New 2nd M.2 Drive causing BSOD on game launch

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So I am very confused.

I am upgrading the 2nd NVMe storage on my computer, going from a 500gb NVMe to a 1TB NVMe. The purpose of this drive is to hold and run FlightSimulator 2020. The drive I have been using was a Samsung 980 500gb NVMe. This worked with out issue, and still does. I am replacing the drive as MSFS and the addons take up a bit of space.

I brought a Crucial P3 1tb m.2 NVMe. I took out the old drive and put in the new one. Spent 12 hours downloading the sim. Through this process the sim downloads, launches and downloads the other data from in the sim. All looks good. So I shut down the PC. Turn it back on, launch the sim and then BSOD. The BSOD errors have been random, but BAD_POOL_CALLER is the most frequent. So I scan the drive with error checking, then I scan the drive using SFC /SCANNOW. No issues. The drive is available through Windows Explorer, copying 200gb was not a problem. I check BIOS, all looks normal. I put the drive in a USB C enclosure and put the old drive in the PC. The old drive is fine and launches the sim fine. The new drive did not come up when in the enclosure, which I know is working fine. I reinstall windows and repeat the above. So I put the old drive in and continue on that way for a week and all is fine.

I send the drive back, get my money back and brought a Samsung 980 Pro 1tb. All the same as above. And I updated my BIOS. No change. I used Samsung Magician which gives me the message for this new Samsung drive that "This drive is connected to RAID/SCSI storage device controller". I went through the BIOS, the storage controller is set to AHCI.

I currently have the Samsung NVMe Driver. I have tried running both with and with out this. Neither option seems to make a different. I also note that in Device Manager the drive also has SCSI in the label, this doesn't look right to me.

My specs are;
AMD 3700X
Radeon RX 5700 XT
MSI X570 Gaming Plus
Main C drive is Samsung 970
32gb DDR4 3200 Ram.

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