DP 203 setup file fails

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I'm trying to do the DP-203 training module on Azure. I copied the repo successfully, but get errors from the setup.ps1 file. Here are the steps I've already taken

*I used chmod to make the file executable.

*I tried running it but get these errors:

/setup.ps1: line 1: Clear-Host: command not found

./setup.ps1: line 2: Get-Date: command not found

./setup.ps1: line 2: write-host: command not found

./setup.ps1: line 5: =: command not found

./setup.ps1: line 5: Select-Object: command not found

./setup.ps1: line 6: syntax error near unexpected token `.IsArray'

./setup.ps1: line 6: `if($subs.GetType().IsArray -and $subs.length -gt 1){'
*I tried to change the version of bash to 5.1 but it asked for an administrator password but I don't think I have one.

Any advice? Are there updated instructions or setup files anywhere? Thanks!

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  1. Md Amjad Hussain 0 Reputation points

    use powershell , it will work there

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