Json parameter problem form Get Metadata activity to Stored Procedure

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I have a pipeline with Metadata Activity, which looks up the parquet file structure and passes it to the stored procedure, which creates table in serverless sql pool.

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Json parameter is

@string(activity('Get Metadata1').output.structure)

The input of Stored procedure look like this:

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But, it doesn't create the table because something is wrong with json parameter. When I pass it as string in stored procedure, it works.

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Any help is appreciated.

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  1. Kvaratshelya, Vladimir 5 Reputation points
    As I mentioned in my first message, the json object has been already deserialised to string @string(activity('Get Metadata1').output.structure)
    My error was that the returned string is a json array, not a json structure.
    @json = '[{"name":"LOCATION","type":"Decimal"},{"name":"BANK_XREF","type":"Decimal"},{"name":"U_VERSION","type":"String"}]'
    In the stored procedure I have formatted it to json: 
    set @json = '{"value": "' + @json + '", "type": "String"}';
    And used OPENJSON to get the values:
    --Create tmp table from json file
    SELECT * into #tmp
    (SELECT '[' + JSON_VALUE(value, '$.name') + ']' as fieldName, 
                WHEN JSON_VALUE(value, '$.type') = 'Single' THEN 'real'
                WHEN JSON_VALUE(value, '$.type') = 'Boolean' THEN 'bit'
                WHEN JSON_VALUE(value, '$.type') = 'Double' THEN 'float'
                WHEN JSON_VALUE(value, '$.type') = 'Int64' THEN 'bigint'
                WHEN JSON_VALUE(value, '$.type') = 'String' THEN 'nvarchar(4000)'
                ELSE JSON_VALUE(value, '$.type')  
            END AS                      fieldType
            FROM OPENJSON(@json, '$.value')
    ) t;
    -- Concatenate column name and type from all rows into string
    DECLARE @columns VARCHAR(max) 
    SELECT @columns = COALESCE(@columns + ', ', '') + ISNULL(fieldName, '') + ' ' + ISNULL(fieldType, '')
    FROM #tmp;
    declare @external_schema_path varchar(max) = 'some path'
    -- Create external table
    declare @sql varchar(max)
    set @sql=
    'CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE [' + @external_schema + '].[' + @external_table + '] (' + @columns + ')
        WITH (
            LOCATION = '''+ @external_schema_path + '/' + @external_table + '.parquet'',
            DATA_SOURCE = [xxxxxxxxxx],
            FILE_FORMAT = [SynapseParquetFormat]
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