How to increase data insertion performance on SQL Azure

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Hello, I have a data generator tool that consistently produces 10,000 records per second. I have an AzureSQL server installed on the Southeast Asia side, and despite being from China, I want to write 10,000 records per second on AzureSQL continuously. However, currently, I am only able to write 200 records per second. I am seeking advice on how to achieve a consistent write throughput of 10,000 records per second on SQL Azure, and would greatly appreciate any suggestions

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    To increase performance depends on many factor.

    If you write the all the data from one client one by one record and you have a latency of 5 ms on your Internet connection (which would be pretty good), then with 200 records * 5 ms = 1000 ms then the latency already eats up the time.

    Consider to insert records batch wise, e.g. always 10 records at ones, which increase the pass througth already by factor 10.

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