I exchange 60 units of a 100 unit VM Reserved Instance after 1/Jan/2024, am I still allowed to exchange the remaining 40 for another VM?

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So we know that after 1/Jan/2024 VM reservations bought before that date will be able to have ONE exchange for other VMs. New RIs bought after 1/Jan/2024 will only be able to be exchanged for Azure Savings Plans.

So my question is what happens if

  1. I have a 100 qty VM RI bought before 1/Jan/2024.
  2. My utilization is down - so I want to exchange 50 of them.
  3. I exchange 60 of them for a different VM - all good - that's the last I can do with those 60
  4. BUT what about the remaining 40? Are they considered part of a new RI - in which case I'm done OR they are still considered part of the original RI - and I have one more exchange left? It's not clear in the docs.
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    Hello @Jim Bragg

    Based on the information available in the Azure documentation, it appears that the remaining 40 VM reservations would still be considered part of the original RI and would be eligible for one more exchange.

    The documentation states that "each reservation can be exchanged once for a new reservation of equal or greater value" and that "reservations purchased before January 1, 2024, can be exchanged for a new reservation of equal or greater value until the end of their term."

    Since you have already exchanged 60 of the 100 VM reservations, you would have 40 remaining reservations that are still part of the original RI. As long as you exchange them before the end of their term, you should be able to exchange them for a new reservation of equal or greater value.

    However, I would recommend contacting Azure support for more information and clarification on this matter, as they would be able to provide more specific guidance based on your particular situation.

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