Unable to test Logic App workflow starting with a HTTP request trigger in local environment

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I'm trying to use Visual Studio Code to implement a simple Logic App workflow on my local machine but I'm having no luck.

The workflow only contains 2 steps:

  • An HTTP request trigger
  • And a Send Message on Service Bus action

I set up my local machine following this guide: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-AU/azure/logic-apps/create-single-tenant-workflows-visual-studio-code

I installed all the extensions in VSCode, ran the Azurite server and Ngrok but every time I save my workflow and open the Overview page in VSCode to get the URL that triggers the start of the workflow I get this error message:

Failed to execute 'open' on 'XMLHttpRequest': Invalid URL

I implemented the same workflow in the Azure portal and it worked as expected.

Any help would be really appreciated, thanks

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  1. MuthuKumaranMurugaachari-MSFT 22,256 Reputation points

    Angelo Peca Thanks for posting your question in Microsoft Q&A. By following the steps in your description, I am able to reproduce this issue, and this basically tries to make a call to get runs like below and failed with error message Failed to execute 'open' on 'XMLHttpRequest': Invalid URL.

    User's image

    Then I pressed F5 to run the workflow, and this error message then went away with the successful call. So, you can press F5, it will start/run the server locally and then you can view Overview without issues.

    I totally understand this error message didn't provide a good experience and I have passed your feedback to our product team directly as well. They will look to make the changes for better user experience; however, you can feel free to submit any feedback (or open a new issue with the detailed steps) on the extension directly to them via Azure Logic Apps for Visual Studio Code (Standard) repo. I hope this helps with your question and let me know if you have any other.

    If you found the answer to your question helpful, please take a moment to mark it as "Yes" for others to benefit from your experience. Or simply add a comment tagging me and would be happy to answer your questions.

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  1. Abdul Mannan 0 Reputation points

    Hey @Angelo Peca MuthuKumaranMurugaachari-MSFT

    have you guys found any solution for this, I am also facing this issue.

    It's an existing solution where I am facing this error, I checked with my other colleauges, everyone is stuck with it.

    Until we hear something, is there any workaround that you can suggest?