Opening Program outside of RD Web Access Via VBA

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Hi All
We have recently moved our Microsoft Access Database to a RD Web Access - RemoteApp and Desktop Connection, all VBA / Macros all work as it should apart from one issue.

Prior to moving to RD Web we had VBA code that when a button is pressed by the user it opens op MS Outlook fills out an Email template automatically and all the user has to to is click send. 

Since moving to RD Web using VBA to open Outlook no longer works as security does not allow outlook to open within the RD Web. I am hoping there is a way that I can force MS Outlook to open outside of the Remote window and complete the task instead and create an Email. anyone have any ideas how we can do this as I am not afraid to so it this is well above my knowledge of VBA?

Unfortunately the security levels do not allow outlook to be opened within the remote access so trying to force it open outside of this remote window,

Below is my current code that worked on the standalone system, but since moving to the RD Web I currently get a run-time error of '429', ActiveX Component cant create object.

[CODE] Dim oWo  As Object 'Outlook.Application
    Dim oDoc1 As Object 'Word.Document
    'Set oWd = New Word.Application
    Set myOlApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
    Set myitem = myOlApp.CreateItemFromTemplate(CurrentProject.Path & "\TemplateFiles\PasswordEmail.oft")

    myitem.Subject = UCase("HR RECORDS - " & "[" & [Forms]![FRM_TBLALL_FullDetails].[Form]![LblHRRef])

    myitem.To = UCase([Forms]![FRM_TBLALL_FullDetails]![SFRM_TBLALL_STAFFDetails]![SSFRM_TBLALL_INTERVDetails].[Form]![CmbStaffNo].Column(0))


    myitem.body = "Hello" & Chr(13) & Chr(10) & "You will receive an encrypted report and all relevant files required." & Chr(13) & Chr(10) & _

    "Your encryption password is:" & [Forms]![FRM_TBLALL_FullDetails]![SFRM_TBLALL_STAFFDetails]![SSFRM_TBLALL_INTERVDetails].[Form]![Password]

End Function


Thank you in Advance!

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