How to access "/oauth2/authorization/azure" via my spring boot application which is located in AWS?

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Hi all,

I faced an issue when deploying my app on the AWS Elastic Beanstalk server.

The environment includes:

-Spring boot Framework version. 3.0.6 + nginx version. 5.0

-Cloud services: AWS Elastic Beanstalk , load balanser

I'm using a load balancer to set an SSL certificate. When a user accesses the site URL starting with "http://", it redirects to "https://" (301).

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After setting this, the website redirects to "https://" with https sign (User's image


However, when I check the URL in the application code, it shows "http://".

So, it redirects to "http://{myDomain}/login/oauth2/code, not "https://{myDomain}/login/oauth2/code.

In the access log of Nginx, it looks like an unauthorized access attempt.

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Could anyone help me?

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