No access to Azure Owner account - only global admin role account

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Hi all,

I am desperately trying to find out what the Owner account is. I have looked at every article on the internet (i think!), but I can't get to the subscriptions info using the only account we have. It is the highest level account I know yet it isn't the owner. The account that might have been used egts rejected when trying to login, change password as it says it isn't a valid email address .

This was set up years ago and never needed anything of this level. A contractor is trying to add an HCi stack to Azure and we can't. I have tried the azure CLI querying Owners but it says I don't have permissions as does everything else in the Azure Portal. I can't even raise a support ticket in Azure as it says I don't have the permissions. I can raise support tickets fine in our 365 portal.

I am stuck. Can anyone recommend anything as I can't find a way to contact Microsoft Azure support. I am a large school, so a mix of paid for 365 products and support, and the free Azure offering for AAD Connect for AD integration.

Appreciate any help...desperately.

Azure Role-based access control
Azure Role-based access control
An Azure service that provides fine-grained access management for Azure resources, enabling you to grant users only the rights they need to perform their jobs.
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    When signed in to the Azure portal as a Global Administrator, please select Yes under Azure Activate Directory -- Properties (link below) -- Access management for Azure resources, and click Save:

    azure ad properties

    Next sign out of the portal, sign back in, and then assign yourself Owner role to the subscription via <yourSubscription> -- Access control (IAM) -- Add. Sign out and back in and verify that you have Owner rights. You should be able to give your contractor the permissions they need.

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    Hi TP,

    Thanks for a swift reply. I have done that already. I should have said, apologies. The issue seems to be the subscriptions then. I have 2 but can't get any info. They both say ACTIVE but the same issue is for both of them.


    when i access each subscription then go to IAM i get


    Hopefully you can see the images ok. Really weird from my perspective as I seem to be able to do everything else except this subscription stuff.

    Appreciate the help greatly

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