Process Explorer v17.04 bug report

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I've recently updated to Process Explorer v17.04 on multiple machines, all running Windows 10 22H2. I've noticed that it no longer shows up in the SysTray, when it is configured to Run At Logon.

It turns out that it is running; just not visible. I confirm it is running with PSLIST. I have Process Explorer configured to Allow Only One Instance. And if I launch it manually, I see that the graphs show it has been running for a while.

Workaround: Kill the existing instance, and restart Process Explorer. Everything works just fine at that point.

I found that Process Explorer accomplishes the Run At Logon by creating an entry in the Task Scheduler. This entry uses the /t option. If I launch Process Explorer manually (with the /t option), it runs as expected. If I manually run the Task, it runs as expected.

So it seems that this is only a problem during the actual logon process.

(BTW: The various command-line options are no longer documented on the Process Explorer homepage.)

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