Intune: MsStore Apps (new) vs FreshStart

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I have been trying to migrate to the new MsStore apps in Intune which after hitting a few snags with Intune policies, i managed to get it working.

My issue is:

  • after installing some "test" packages via Intune as part of this process (eg random ones from the store) I deleted them from Intune.
  • I did a Fresh Start of the device (did not tick any boxes) and those deleted apps got reinstalled on the device
  • I also tried a Wipe (did not tick any boxes), and same result.

How can i reset the device without these apps reinstalled?

NB: Reimaging via USB/ISO is not a viable workaround for this.

Surely there is a way without having to put those MsStore apps back into Intune just to apply an uninstall assignment to the affected devices (or similarly deploy psh scripts to run cmdlets to remove them).

I am confident this was not an issue with the MSfB legacy/connector method (but cannot test to confirm).

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