Create macro in Outlook for accepting a selected meeting invite, set 'Show as' and don't send response

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With the help of Chat GPT I have been trying to create some macros in Outlook to automate acceptance of incoming meeting requests. The macro is applied to a (one) meeting request that is selected in the inbox.
I managed to set a category, and to accept the invitation, but I can't seem to influence two aspects:

  • 'Show as' (free/busy)
  • Not send a response to the organizer

I've tried a couple of suggestions from Chat GPT, but none of them work with meeting requests.

  • objMeeting.ResponseRequested = False
  • objMeeting.BusyStatus = olFree [or] objMeeting.ShowAs = olFree

The rest of the macro works (setting the category, accepting the invite and then deleting the request from my inbox). But the above lines fail. I find this strange, as these are attributes that can be set for Meetings using the applicable dropdowns.

Is it a syntax error, or is it really not possible to change these things via vba?

*Edited to add 'vba' tag as suggested elsewhere. However, vba tag doesn't (or no longer) exist. So used VB...

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