C# login into website and Download multiple files

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I am trying to create a program mainly WF or WPF. So What I am trying to do is create or automate a why from me to login into website and downloads files. Now the trick part is to download files by a certain column values, because status changes are the ones I want to download?

So What I want to is Create C# Program

Login into website

Then have it check for values if those values are true then download file or Files?

When downloads the files I need download types that work with two different software types that I use?

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  1. Bruce (SqlWork.com) 59,046 Reputation points

    This is standard screen scraping. C# is not the most popular language for this, but you can. You need an html parsing library. You will need to reverse engineer the login using network trace. The browsers tools will work for this. Postman Is also a handy tool. Generally you will need to harvest the cookie from the login. Often the login will use anti forgery software, you you will need to handle this.

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