Could not create the marketplace item in Mastering-the-Marketplace

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I'm learning in Mastering-the-Marketplace(This Lab)

In this section(This Section), I created offer, offer is in preview status.

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I tried to purchase the SaaS offer to test my offer, but in Azure Portal preview message is "Could not create the marketplace item. This marketplace item is not available.". (signed in developer account)

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Searching this situation, in accelerators lab,

this situation is described like this.

If you receive the message, "Could not create the marketplace item" or a "404" message, wait another several minutes and try again. The offer is simply still being created. Preview creation can take up to 45 minutes in some cases.

So, I waited several minutes(longer than 45 minutes) and tried again, but the situation is not improved.

If there are any missing settings or details, please let me know and I would be happy to point them out.

Best regards.

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