Unable to download file parallelly using built in sftp connector - Get File Content Operation

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I am using Logic App standard and built in sftp connector to perform the following operation.

  1. I have a json object with SFTP folder paths.
  2. Using a parallel for-each loop, I loop in the json object to list sftp files using List folder action.
  3. Using a nested for-each, I loop in the list folder output and then read files using Get file content V2 action and pass the absolute path as input.

I am getting error in 3rd step where I am trying to get the file content as it says the file was not found. which could not be true because it won't' enter the nested loop in that case.

The same operations if I do with a for each loop with concurrency limit set to 1, it works.

Is there any limitation to the built in connector which is causing this issue ?

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