Issues creating object files in long path- Tasking compiler

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I am using tasking compiler to build c++ project.

While linking it fails to create obj file in longer paths.

astc F003: cannot create "long_path..../filename.cpp.obj" ( above 250- 260)

I have also enabled the long path in windows 10 (22H2) (as mentioned

, but still I doesn't work.

Any support?

Windows 10
Windows 10
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    The error message means the Tasking Compiler is having trouble creating object files because the file names are too long or the path is too long. Basically, Windows has a maximum path length of around 260 characters.

    But don't worry, there are some things you can try to fix this:

    • Shorten the file path: Move your project files to a location with a shorter path. For example, move the project closer to the root directory (e.g., C:\Project) or to a directory with a shorter name.
    • Rename files or directories: Try renaming any files or directories involved in the build process to shorter names. This will reduce the overall path length.
    • Use a virtual drive: Create a virtual drive or a symlink to the problematic directory with a shorter name. This will let you map a long path to a shorter one.
    • Modify the build system: If possible, change your build system or configuration to generate shorter intermediate object file names. You might have to adjust build scripts, makefiles, or project settings to do this.

    Just keep in mind that the specific steps you'll need to take will depend on your development environment and build setup.

    Hope this helps!