Function select doesn't work.

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Asked earlier, recreated my question here.

So, I able to get token, then ask:

curl -s -X GET \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer $MYBEARER" \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \$select=displayName,givenName,Department,EmployeeID

Received "standard" answer like:

      "businessPhones": [],
      "displayName": "XXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
      "givenName": "XXXXXXXXXXXXX",
      "jobTitle": null,
      "mobilePhone": null,
      "officeLocation": null,
      "preferredLanguage": "en-US",
      "surname": "XXXXXXXXXXXX",
      "userPrincipalName": "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",

No errors at all. Added credentials:

enter image description here

Well, what I did wrong?

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