Spark Job Definition: Use delta library

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Hi all, I am trying to use the delta library in a PySpark Spark job definition with a 3.3 spark cluster but I cannot make it work. My code is:

spark = SparkSession.builder.appName("DataLoad") \
    .config("spark.sql.extensions", "") \
    .config("spark.sql.catalog.spark_catalog", "").getOrCreate()
import delta
deltaTable = DeltaTable.forName(spark,LoadZone+'.'+TableName)

The error is:

  File "/mnt/var/hadoop/tmp/nm-local-dir/usercache/trusted-service-user/filecache/12/", line 120, in log_execution
    deltaTable = DeltaTable.forName(spark,LoadZone+'.'+TableName)
NameError: name 'DeltaTable'

So it looks like it cannot import the library, how can I use the delta library inside my job definition?

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  1. JLopez 61 Reputation points

    Hi @ShaikMaheer-MSFT

    I did a test creating a simple spark job definition configured with the library and it worked with Delta commands. Then I tried my old spark job definition configured with the library and it did not work so the issue persists even if for another definition the Delta was working. I decided to create a new spark job definition with my code and it worked so I supose the issue is in the job definition but I cannot understand why. I will do more tests.

    Thanks for your help!!

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