Readable Notes from AWS Transcribe JSON file

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My son is in college, and records (*.mp3) some lectures which 1 - 5 speakers.

He uses AWS Transcribe, which provides the transcription visually in Transcription Preview -> Audio Identification (see attached image)TranscriptionPreview.jpg.

However, it only shows the first 5,000 characters, so he downloads the transcription, but AWS only provides JSON files ("asrOutput.json"), which is unformatted, and doesn't partition the text by speaker (see sample "test.123.json" test.123.txt, NOTE: I changed the extension from *.json to *.txt, so I could upload to this forum).

How can he convert that JSON file into the same format as the Transcription Preview, where each speaker is identified?

No one in this house is a developer or coder, we need some UI or plugin that allows this JSON file to be opened and viewed in a presentable, legible manner that a business person would accept.


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