Does Microsoft support the creation of new baseline snapshots for existing file share snapshots?

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We are using Azure file share backups. We need to keep monthly backups for 7 years. We are concerned that if only one baseline snapshot is used over that 7 years, there a possibility of corruption, or higher incremental space usage. So can you force a new "full backup/snapshot" of the file share periodically? If not how can we be sure that the data will be recoverable in 6-7 years?

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    Hello Nash, Ebon

    Azure File Share backups use incremental backups, which means that only the changes made since the last backup are backed up. This helps reduce the amount of storage space required for backups and can improve backup performance. However, as you mentioned, relying on a single baseline snapshot for 7 years can increase the risk of data corruption or loss.

    To address this concern, you can create periodic full backups of your Azure File Share. This can be done by creating a new backup policy that includes a full backup schedule. You can configure the full backup schedule to run at regular intervals, such as once a month or once a year, depending on your specific backup requirements.

    To create a new backup policy with a full backup schedule, follow these steps:

    Open the Azure portal and navigate to your Recovery Services vault.

    Click on Backup policies and then click on Add.

    Enter a name for the new backup policy and select Azure Files as the backup type.

    Under the Backup frequency section, select the Full backup option and configure the schedule as desired.

    Configure the retention settings for the backup policy. This will determine how long the backups are retained.

    Click on Create to create the new backup policy.

    By creating periodic full backups, you can help ensure that your data is recoverable in the event of a disaster or data loss. It's important to regularly test your backups to ensure that they are working correctly and that you can recover your data when needed.

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  2. SadiqhAhmed-MSFT 39,891 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @Nash, Ebon Thank you for reaching out to us on Microsoft Q&A platform. Happy to help!

    The snapshots are forever incremental. Currently, there is no provision to force a new baseline. For long term retention, we would recommend customers to leverage the vaulted backups feature (currently in public preview) that enables data transfer to the vault. The backup data is stored in blob tier in case of vaulted backups.

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