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Drake E. De Haan 20 Reputation points

My company has multiple different number blocks (I think is what you call them?) and I am trying to set up dial plans. I built a couple plans in the Global policy that had similar If-Then statements. For example, if the number is +19991234567, I can dial 4567 and the rule will add +1999234 to the front of that extension and call the number. The next rule does the same thing but adds +1999678 to call for example +19996781234. But if I type 1234 into the test, it tries to call +19991231234 instead of +19996781234. Is there a way to specify which phone numbers get processed by which rules or is there a different way to set this up? I have at least 7 different number blocks in my company.

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  1. Tiaan 736 Reputation points

    Hi @Drake E. De Haan,

    Best practice would be to split the dial plans for each block, So if you have a user that will always want it to dial block one, then you assign that user the dial plan for that block.

    If the used might need to dial all the block then you might need to change your rules, if you have the same 4 digits across all block then you could maybe get the user to dial 14567 and then translate it to block one removing the 1, and then if they need to dial the number in block 4 they will use 44567.

    Hope this helps.