Change the icon of "network" folders accessible on a NAS

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The problem I reported on October 24, 2022 still exists (Cf. my message having the same title as this one and the date indicated).

For those who would like to find my previous post of October 24, 2022: Changer l'icône de dossiers "réseau" accessibles - Communauté Microsoft

Indeed, the removal of the indicated updates solved the problem, but it was only temporary!

On the next update, another KB installed causing the problem again.

This is particularly troublesome, especially since one can no longer block updates with Windows 10.

And you have to go hunting for the new criminal KB with each update, then uninstall it (knowing that inevitably, it will reinstall itself or one of its criminal "sisters").

 Would it be possible to get a definitive solution to this problem without having to uninstall packages or KBs continuously?

Maybe in changing or creating an entry in the registry base for allowing this function again (after scanning the desktop.ini file of this folder and the icon file itself with Defender or a dédicated module of Windows)...

It's tiring to do always the same things (removing KBs) and it could be dangerous, finally...

But I have no other choice : Changing the folder icon is very useful for customers, and they claim their modified icons.

Thank you for a quick solution to this problem that affects more people than myself, according to those who have read my post, and those who ask the same question on the web.


Bernard CH.

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  1. Limitless Technology 44,036 Reputation points

    Hello there,

    You'll want to use a desktop.ini file to customize the icon. Usually, that's all your actually doing when you are using that "Change Icon" button above.

    File system folders are commonly displayed with a standard icon and set of properties, which specify, for instance, whether the folder is shared. You can customize the appearance and behavior of an individual folder by creating a Desktop.ini file in that folder to specify different options.

    Hope this resolves your Query !!

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  2. Bernard CH 0 Reputation points


    I answerred to you, but all my answer desapeared from the site... So I answer again.

    Unfortunately, creating a desktop.ini and an icon files doesn't work anymore for the folders located out of the local PC.

    I designed a software permitting to change any folder's icon, and it worked perfectly for all the kinds of folders until september or october 2022.

    But after some Microsoft updates, it didn't work anymore for folders located out of the local computer... The desktop.ini file and the icon file are well located in the folder (as hidden system files like required), but visible icon remains unchanged.
    I desinstalled some KBs, permitting to retreive a normal function, but some new KBs during the night are installing something that make it doesn't work again.
    This situation is not acceptable for many reasons : if KBs are created, it for improving the global security and patching some bugs. So, desinstalling KB is not suitable for "Windows's health". And in a second time, I can't spend all my time, desinstalling KBs that come back on next time...
    Please find a final solution if you think, "network" desktop.ini file is dangerous (scan it and the icon file too for instance).
    Best regards,),

    Bernard CH.

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  3. Bernard CH 0 Reputation points


    No answer from you...

    The problem is real !

    Please find the e-mail bellow, I received from one of my clients (and the translation) :

    Bonjour Bernard,

    Pour les icones des dossiers, j’espère vraiment qu’ils trouveront une solution car c’est ennuyeux,

    Je ne pense pas à vous appeler à chaque fois mais vraiment je perds énormément de temps sans cette option….

    Bonne journée,

    (Translation: Hello Bernard,

    For the icons of the files, I really hope they find a solution because it's boring,

    I don't think to call you every time but really I waste a lot of time without this option....

    Have a nice day).

    Next message :

    Bonjour Bernard,

    Vous pouvez même ajouter qu’il est bien connu qu’un code couleur est extrêmement plus rapide visuellement !

    Lorsque je regarde mes clients, je n’ai pas besoin d’ouvrir le dossier, d’ouvrir le sous dossier situation, d’ouvrir la situation de travaux pour savoir l’avancement du chantier ;

    Juste avec le code couleur je peux répondre immédiatement à un interlocuteur ..

    Merci d’avance et bonne journée !

    (Translation : Hello Bernard,

    You can even add that it is well known that a color code is extremely faster visually!

    When I look at my clients, I do not need to open the file, to open the situation sub-file, to open the work situation to know the progress of the site;

    Just with the color code I can respond immediately to an interlocutor ..

    Thanks in advance and have a great day!).

    Best regards,

    Bernard CH.

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