Can we load static metadata for an SP in Azure B2C

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We are working with a SP who does not have a public URL for the metadata. But they have given a static metadata file. Is it possible to load this to B2C or we need to host it ourselves and get a public URL and use that.

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Azure Active Directory
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    Hello Pooranan Balasubramnian

    In Azure AD B2C, the recommended approach is to host the metadata file containing the identity provider configuration on a publicly accessible URL. This allows Azure AD B2C to retrieve the metadata file and configure the identity provider integration.

    If the service provider (SP) you are working with does not provide a public URL for the metadata, you would typically need to host the metadata file yourself and make it available on a public URL. This can be done by hosting the file on a web server or a cloud storage service that allows public access.

    Once you have hosted the metadata file on a public URL, you can then configure the identity provider integration in Azure AD B2C by providing the URL of the metadata file. Azure AD B2C will retrieve the metadata from the specified URL and use it to configure the integration with the SP.

    If hosting the metadata file yourself is not an option and the SP does not provide a public URL, you may need to discuss alternative integration methods with the SP. They may be able to provide an alternative approach or a different method of configuring the integration with Azure AD B2C.

    It's important to ensure that the metadata file is accessible and up-to-date, as any changes in the SP's configuration may require updating the metadata file and making it available on the public URL specified in Azure AD B2C.

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