The network drive in use can no longer be connected after reporting an error

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In my local network, an smb server was built using the asus router ax86U with external mobile hard disk box. Two hard disks were placed on the mobile hard disk box, one was 16t and the other was 8t. It has been used stably for more than a month. In daily life, the 8t hard disk is mapped to the z: of the notebook (win10 22H2) for use, and there has been no failure. When I connected today, I suddenly reported an error, prompting "Cannot access z:\. Insufficient memory resources, unable to process the command." After that, the drive could not be connected. Checked C: the remaining 20g, the memory 16g uses 8G, the resources are not exhausted. I have another computer using the same win10 22h2, and I have no problem accessing the same shared resources at this time.
Windows 10 Network
Windows 10 Network
Windows 10: A Microsoft operating system that runs on personal computers and tablets.Network: A group of devices that communicate either wirelessly or via a physical connection.
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    Hello there,

    Have you made any recent updates that you are aware of on this device? If so try uninstalling them and check if this sorts out the issue

    This workaround works only for the device that has network access at logon. If the device has not established a network connection by the time of logon, the startup script won't automatically reconnect network drives.

    Copy the script file (MapDrives.cmd) to the following location:

    %ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

    Copy the script file (MapDrives.ps1) to the following location:


    A log file (StartupLog.txt) will be created in the %TEMP%\ folder.

    Log off, and then log back on to the device to open the mapped drives.

    Script here

    Hope this resolves your Query !!

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    Hi sums2001,

    Issue reported: The network drive in use can no longer be connected after reporting an error.

    Scope: We need to find out, what error caused the Network Drive to be disconnected. That can be identified using Event logs. After we will know as what error caused this to happen, we can troubleshoot accordingly.

    Meanwhile, we can perform troubleshooting steps mentioned below to configure a network drive from start.

    • Disconnect the network drive(s), clear temp files and run a disk clean up.
    • Then uninstall third party security/antivirus/cleaners from your machine.
    • Remove/delete folders of third-party antivirus/security/cleaner apps, which you remove from the c/drive program files and program files x86.
    • If you find any trouble deleting those folders, then we need to delete their entry in registry.

    Remove any entry of those stubborn software from below mentioned registry locations.



    • Then run a Command Prompt using admin rights and type "CHKDSK /f" followed by 'Y' and hit enter.
    • Restart your machine.
    • Once, the machine is restarted, you should be able to delete those stubborn software folders from c/drive.
    • Then run a Command Prompt using admin rights and type "CHKDSK /r" followed by 'Y' and hit enter.
    • Restart your machine.
    • After your machine in restarted, run Command prompt using admin rights and type "SFC /Scannow" and hit Enter and then follow the steps in the article mentioned below.

    • After you make changes to your machine with respect to the article mentioned above, restart your machine.

    Test your machine and please update your findings on this thread.



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