How to fix blank value object in bing image search?

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We are getting a blank object in the "value" key of the response of Bing image search API. We are using the following endpoint stylist&count=3&aspect=square

There is no error related to the wrong API key or anything else. We are getting the following response. Everything seems fine but the "value" array is empty.

Please help.

    "_type": "Images",
    "instrumentation": {
        "_type": "ResponseInstrumentation"
    "queryContext": {
        "originalQuery": "hair stylist",
        "alterationDisplayQuery": "hair salon",
        "alterationOverrideQuery": "+hair stylist",
        "alterationMethod": "AM_JustChangeIt",
        "alterationType": "CombinedAlterationsChained"
    "value": [],
    "queryExpansions": [
            "text": "Hair Stylist Logo",
            "displayText": "Logo",
            "webSearchUrl": "",
            "searchLink": "",
            "thumbnail": {
                "thumbnailUrl": ""
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    This is the GET query we are using- stylist&count=3&aspect=square

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