migrate just one pipeline that I have a ADF-Dev environment to ADF-prod env

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I have a ADF-Dev environment that has got multiple pipelines that are not in ADF-Prod. From the information I have been working through they all show brand new environments where dev is in sync with Prod. In my scenario other developers have created quite a few ADF pipelines all in the same branch so that when I look at creating a DevOps pipeleine/Release process I am informed that I am going to update/add 20 or so pipelines. I am trying to select just the ADF pipeline that I have worked on just for release. I can create a new feature branch and make some changes to just my pipeline then maybe get that from ADF-Dev to ADF-Prod. Would that be the way to do it or will it always be that I have these other ADF pipeleines that will always want to come across as well. And I believe triggers don't go through DevOps and should be created manually in prod??

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    To migrate just one pipeline from your ADF-Dev environment to ADF-Prod, you can follow these steps:

    Create a new feature branch: Create a new branch in your version control system (e.g., Git) specifically for the changes you want to make to your pipeline. This will isolate your changes from other pipelines created by other developers.

    Make changes to your pipeline: Switch to the new feature branch and make the necessary changes to your pipeline. Ensure that you only modify the pipeline you have worked on and not other pipelines created by other developers.

    Test your changes: Validate and test your modified pipeline in the ADF-Dev environment to ensure it functions as expected and doesn't introduce any issues.

    Commit and push changes: Once you are satisfied with your changes, commit the modified pipeline to your feature branch and push the changes to your version control system.

    Set up release process: Configure your DevOps pipeline or release process to deploy the modified pipeline to the ADF-Prod environment. This process will depend on your specific DevOps tooling and deployment practices.

    Deploy to ADF-Prod: Execute the release process to deploy the modified pipeline from your feature branch to the ADF-Prod environment.

    Manual trigger setup: As you mentioned, triggers in Azure Data Factory (ADF) are typically not managed through DevOps. After deploying the pipeline to ADF-Prod, you will need to manually configure and set up any triggers associated with your pipeline in the production environment.

    By following these steps, you can isolate your changes to a specific pipeline and migrate only that pipeline from ADF-Dev to ADF-Prod without affecting other pipelines created by other developers.