Start/Stop VMs V2 function ignores Resourcegroup

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thanks to Microsoft, we have to migrate to Start/Stop VMs V2.
The setup seemed to be not that complicated.

The given resource group is completely ignored. Without any errors and other feedback.

Every machine within this subscription, except 2 VMs, is started, which is not intended.

Expected behaviour:
Every machine within this resource group is started, except 2 VMs.

    "Action": "start",
    "EnableClassic": false,
    "RequestScopes": {
      "ExcludedVMLists": [
      "ResourceGroups": [
      "Subscriptions": [

What's wrong?

Note: The resource paths are all directly copied from the Azure Portal resource properties. And yes, I have noticed, that sometimes the resource group is uppercase, sometimes lowercase. But that's how the resource paths are shown, not my idea.


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