Testing policy - Potential ransomware activity, nothing happens

Pavel yannara Mirochnitchenko 12,411 Reputation points MVP

I am testing Cloud Apps Security and I want to launch potential threat in action. So the policy "Potential ransomware activity" is enabled for all users, computer is onboarded to Defender for Endpoint, and when I create locally .zyx file and copy it to OneDrive / Teams / Sharepoint, nothing happends. I would expect it would notify and suspend user but nothing. Activity and Governance log does not react on anything.

I started to study Cloud Apps just for now and what could be wrong? Services is running and integration with Defender for Endpoint is done. Maybe there is simplier rule I could try out?

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Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
A Microsoft cloud access security broker that enables customers to control the access and use of software as a service apps in their organization.
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  1. David Broggy 5,701 Reputation points MVP

    Hi Pavel,

    First I'd suggest you have your policy email you when triggered.

    You should be able to trigger this alert simply by renaming a file with the .xyz extension.

    Secondly, you won't get a user block unless you configure 'send alerts to power automate', and you have a power automate rule to block the user - that's more advanced to troubleshoot so I'd work on step #1 first.

    Finally, you should go into settings > cloud apps > app connectors and at least connect to M365 and Azure for your tests.

    And watch this video:

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  2. Pavel yannara Mirochnitchenko 12,411 Reputation points MVP

    I see that renaming works, but not upload. While opening this thread, I only copied .zyx files from C: drive to Onedrive and got no reactions. Later tried renaming and account got locked and alerts generated. Why with upload no reaction?

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