The app starts only after I click on LifecycleEvents-Resume from Visual Studio 17.4.4

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I am trying to develop an application to HoloLens 2 and, after deploy, in a first step, the application is loading forever. Then, in Visual Studio 2022 17.4.4, if I press on Lifecycle Events - Resume, the application starts properly. The configuration of my project is:

  • Unity 2021.3.10f1
  • Visual Studio 2022 version 17.4.4
  • MRTK 2.8.2
  • Mixed Reality OpenXR Plugin 1.5.1; OpenXR Plugin 1.5.3; ( I also tried with Mixed Reality OpenXR Plugin 1.80, 1.70, 1.5.2 and the associated version for OpenXR Plugin required by each one of them).

I attached the UnityPlayer (9).log file the content starting with line 85 is written after I pressed Resume.

83   Failed to switch resolution to 1280 x 1080
84   [XR] [MROpenXR][Info   ][00:01:38.168614][tid:1190] InputProvider_LifecycleStop

Here, I pressed Resume in VS.

85   [XR] [MROpenXR][Info   ][00:02:39.987950][tid:1190] InputProvider_LifecycleStart
86   Failed to switch resolution to 1280 x 1080

Do you have any idea why is this happening and how it can be addressed?

Many thanks!

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