Form Recognizer Model Training causing InternalServer Error

Phonn Pyae Kyaw 5 Reputation points

As the title said, I have some documents labeled and when try to train them for custom extraction neural model, it immediately failed. I'm using form recognizer free tier. My documents are all less than 1MB and are in .jpeg / .jpg format. I have 9 documents and have 4 labels each.

Azure Form Recognizer
Azure Form Recognizer
An Azure service that applies machine learning to extract text, key/value pairs, tables, and structures from documents.
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  1. Vahid Ghafarpour 1,845 Reputation points

    It is a general question please check following steps and provide detail log if needed:

    Check your input data: Ensure that the input data you're providing for model training is in the correct format and adheres to the requirements specified by the Form Recognizer service. For example, check if the file is in a supported format (such as PDF or image files), and the file size is within the allowed limits.

    Verify your API endpoint and authentication: Double-check the API endpoint and the authentication credentials you're using to access the Form Recognizer service. Make sure the endpoint is correct and the authentication token is valid.

    Review your code or SDK version: If you're using a software development kit (SDK) or a custom implementation to interact with the Form Recognizer service, ensure that you're using the latest version and that your code aligns with the documentation provided by the SDK or the Form Recognizer service.

  2. Sarah Cummings 0 Reputation points

    I have the same issue and have filed a support ticket. I've submitted evidence of the issue and have been waiting over a week for a response.

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