Strategy to share a set of URLs that change.

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I would like to identify a method to share URLs in an informative and intuitive way. These URLs will change regularly and need to be visible all the time. It's important the URL is visible and at least one line for a comment. 3 links like this is 6 lines of content and I can't find any way to present 6 lines of content in any MS communication method that not extremely buried, or difficult to access for people who have permission. My first strategy is a failure. For this I setup a Team in Teams and and post my important content in one "announcement" then disallow comments/communication because Teams is so cluttered and incapable of controlling the layout. Unfortunately the content is always buried unless I say nothing and keep only the links visible, because Teams hides content beyond the first couple liners of text, obfuscating any effort to present information. Likewise the "conversation" or "announcement" doesn't always get pinned and MS has bad cache management so it's just not possible for me (non-IT) to go into everyone's computer's and clear their cache for them so the pined content actually pins. Worse if there's only one announcement, MS adds unnecessary placeholder fluff so the content is further obfuscated and the channel looks like it's not being used. All around frustrating and confusing for everyone. Unfortunately, I suspect this is the best strategy MS can offer.

We won't use Sharepoint because nobody will make it past the 2FA and it's impossible to do this without a web browser, which is the unnecessary layer that fundamentally that breaks the concept of SSO, hilariously. Basically it needs to be in an app that doesn't require the excessive need to look at a phone or dig through a sea of browser tabs. Perhaps I'm asking too much for MS to build tools that natively access content.

Because MS doesn't appear to consider the UX of Teams at all from a design perspective, I'm wondering if an engineer here can explain to us how you expect us to use Teams? I really don't think "extremely confusing and futile" is the type of verbiage we should be using to describe internal communication, but perhaps it's the only option.

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    Hi @41844108

    If the link in your announcement is too long, insert the link as shown in the following image. You can customize the display text and then insert links.

    Additionally, for important messages such as announcements, we recommend that you publish to a General channel, and then set channel permissions to allow only owners to post messages.

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    Thank you for admitting MS didn’t plan for basic responsive design. As a web developer this is astonishing, but hilariously predictable for MS.

    I’m going to mark your reply as the answer because the problem is bad design and a complete misunderstanding that layouts look different on different monitors.

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