Sharepoint 2019 Custom Workflow not creating tasks after deployment

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I am currently working on SharePoint 2019 provider hosted addin app which uses custom workflow.

Development is done with Visual Studio 2022.

One of workflow requirements is to create a task for the users upon adding items to specified list and this is where the issue begins.

After deployment to local or test environment and creating an item on associated list workflow is fired, (I am logging to history on every step) but it looks like it stops on task creation without any error message (at least I couldnt find it in logs). Task list remains empty.

All site and site collection features related to workflows are switched on.

To make things weirder there is a way to make it work locally:

  • Start solution from Visual Studio, application is installed and it doesn't work (meaning all other app features work just fine, only tasks are not created).
  • Stop Visual Studio and change any (doesn't matter which one) label in workflow designer. Start application and it is not reinstalled or retracted (output shows a message, that app is already installed and changed files are updated directly) -> It starts to work just fine.
  • If retraction and installation is done, then it doesnt work again unless I redo this "changing label trick".

I checked many threads in the internet, played with configurations, site features etc. but none has resolved the issue for me.
Moreover that "trick" which makes it work on local environment seems to confirm, that there is nothing wrong with code or server/site configuration.

Thanks for any advices!
BR, Patryk

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