How to style MAUI ToolbarItems height and alignment on windows and android

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It is possible to style Toolbar with ToolbarHandler but how is ToolbarItems and Tollbar height styled .

As image below show the ToolbarItem is not effected by ToolbarHandler settings on Windows and ToolbarHeight is not changed on Android


        public static MauiApp CreateMauiApp()
        ToolbarHandler.Mapper.Add("FixPlacement", (handler, view) =>
            handler.PlatformView.DefaultLabelPosition = Microsoft.UI.Xaml.Controls.CommandBarDefaultLabelPosition.Right;
            handler.PlatformView.VerticalAlignment = Microsoft.UI.Xaml.VerticalAlignment.Top;
            handler.PlatformView.Height = 35;
            handler.PlatformView.Padding = new Microsoft.UI.Xaml.Thickness(0);
            handler.PlatformView.Margin = new Microsoft.UI.Xaml.Thickness(0);
            handler.PlatformView.SetPadding(0, 0, 0, 0);
            handler.PlatformView.TextAlignment = Android.Views.TextAlignment.TextStart;
            handler.PlatformView.SetTitleMargin(0, 0, 0, 0);


        <Label Text="Test Title View" FontSize="8" HeightRequest="35"  VerticalOptions="Center" Margin="0" Padding="0"  ></Label>

                <FontImageSource Glyph="A" Color="BlanchedAlmond" Size="8"/>

Windows Screen Dump

Windows Screen Dump

Android Screen Dump

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    After investigation, it was not feasible to modify the ToolbarItem in the handler.

    The reason is that when using the handler, the ToolbarItem is already in the created state, but according to the ToolbarItem Class document, any changes will be ignored after the ToolbarItem is created.

    Any changes made to the properties of the toolbar item after it has been added will be ignored.

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    Alec Liu.

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