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I have raw data that are extracted in complex design, so I need to transfer these data from below:

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to below design:

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There are thousands of Customers IDs and thousands of Parts and Parts type, each part has 2 subtypes, so subtypes need to be concatenated in single cell.

Can you help in this request?

Thank you

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  1. Emily Hua-MSFT 27,596 Reputation points

    Hi @Ahmed Moursi

    If you can use formula and Excel Power Query, I suggest you try following steps.

    First make the Row and Column headers.

    • For the column of Customer ID, you may copy ID and paste to other cells.
    • For the row of Parts, you may use UNIQUE function, such as =UNIQUE(B2:M2,TRUE).

    Please combine the values of the same Parts based on the column number, enter the formula =INDEX($B3:$M3,0,COLUMN()*2-3)&INDEX($B3:$M3,0,COLUMN()*2-2) then pull down and pull right.


    And then import data into Excel Power Query and do unpivot columns operation.

    • Select the range from A9:G13, click Data tab > From Table/ Range.


    • Select Customer ID column > Click Transform tab > Click down arrow beside the Unpivot Column > Choose Unpivot Other Columns.


    • Click File > Close & Load to, load the table to one Excel sheet.

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  1. Barry Schwarz 2,511 Reputation points

    A macro should be able to do it easy enough with a pair of nested loops..

    Loop through the rows

    Extract the customer ID

    Loop through the columns by 2

      Extract Part #
      Concatenate the contents of the cells
      Place ID, Part #, and concatenated data in next row of output


  2. Herbert Seidenberg 1,191 Reputation points

    Excel 365 Pro Plus with Power Pivot and Power Query.
    With PivotTable and Slicer.
    No formulas, no VBA macro.

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