SQL Server Developer 2022: queries running too slow

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Our team is building an application on top of SQL Server. We used to work with SQL Server Developer 2019, running on Docker. At that point, the queries run at an expected pace considering the hardware we have at our disposal: 12GB Ram, and a i5 11th generation Intel Core (4 cores, 2.4 GHz). That means, a 2 or 3 seconds max for big queries.

Last week we moved to SQL Server 2022 Developer edition and we moved Docker away. The server connects directly to the SQL Server on Windows. For small queries, the running became much faster, but for complex queries, much slower (in some case cases, 10 or more seconds for the same big queries). We notice that SQL Server is using less than 1GB ram (while in Docker we could assign around 4 GB). The processing capacity of the computer is also underused. The impression is that SQL Server is not using the full capacity of the hardware.

Why is that? According to the description of the SQL Server Developer edition, there should be no restrictions ...or does it have? How could we improve the performance?


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    Hi @Fer C

    There is a document on troubleshooting slow queries on SQL Server, which you may use as a reference: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/troubleshoot/sql/database-engine/performance/troubleshoot-slow-running-queries.

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