How should json look like to be valid for azure Data factory

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I have a REST API that send these data when using Advanced Rest Client with method Get


The REST API is done in .NET/C#

The endpoint look like this in C#

public ActionResult Reservations(string start, string end)
            DbApi dbApi = new DbApi(Configuration);
            dbApi.GetGuestNights(start, end);
            IEnumerable<Booked> bookedList = dbApi.GetLodgingOccupancy(start, end);

            var json = JsonSerializer.Serialize(bookedList);

            return Ok(json);

When I use Azure Data Factory and request the REST API I get the following response error back. When I get a valid resonse I will just send the output to a json file.

			"Code": 21155,
			"Message": "Failure happened on 'Source' side. ErrorCode=JsonInvalidDataFormat,'Type=Microsoft.DataTransfer.Common.Shared.HybridDeliveryException,Message=Error occurred when deserializing source JSON file ''. Check if the data is in valid JSON object format.,Source=Microsoft.DataTransfer.ClientLibrary,'",
			"EventType": 0,
			"Category": 5,
			"Data": {
				"FailureInitiator": "Source"
			"MsgId": null,
			"ExceptionType": null,
			"Source": null,
			"StackTrace": null,
			"InnerEventInfos": []

I call the REST API like this 

The response I get back when I use Advanced Rest Client is a valid json so why can't azure Data factory understand the json it get back

Thank in advance

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    Most likely the response is html, either an error page, or login page.

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