Standalone WSUS server updates stuck in downloading status

David Zemdegs 1,586 Reputation points

I have setup an offline WSUS server and followed the instructions as per:

I have also ensured the settings are the same i.e. language etc.

The content on the export and import server is in the exact same path D:\WSUS\WSUSCONTENT

After importing and approving updates on the offline WSUS server, all updates are stuck in the 'downloading' file status. Why is that?


David Z

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  1. Khaled Elsayed Mohamed 1,260 Reputation points

    Hi David

    If you have set up an offline WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) server and followed the instructions to synchronize software updates in a disconnected environment, but the updates are stuck in the "downloading" file status, there could be several reasons for this issue. Here are a few possible causes and solutions:

    1. Misconfiguration of the WSUS server: Double-check the configuration of your WSUS server, including the synchronization settings, update classifications, and languages. Ensure that the WSUS server is properly configured to synchronize the updates you need for your environment.
    2. Firewall or network connectivity issues: Make sure that the WSUS server has the necessary network connectivity to reach the upstream update source or the source where you exported the updates from. Check if any firewalls or network restrictions are blocking the WSUS server's access to the internet or the import server.
    3. Incorrect update source location: Confirm that the WSUS server is pointing to the correct location of the downloaded updates. Verify that the content directory path on the WSUS server matches the location where you exported the updates.
    4. Permissions and access rights: Ensure that the WSUS service account has appropriate permissions to access the content directory and download updates. Check the security settings on the content directory to verify that the WSUS service account has the necessary permissions.
    5. Update metadata mismatch: In some cases, if the metadata (such as update IDs or revision numbers) of the exported updates does not match the metadata expected by the WSUS server, it can cause issues with downloading the updates. Ensure that the exported updates contain the correct metadata that matches the WSUS server's expectations.
    6. Software update synchronization issues: Monitor the WSUS synchronization process and check the synchronization logs for any errors or warnings. Review the WSUS synchronization settings and make sure they align with the exported updates.

    If you have verified these aspects and the updates are still stuck in the "downloading" status, further investigation may be needed. Consult the WSUS logs (such as SoftwareDistribution.log and WCM.log) located in the WSUS installation directory for more detailed information about the download process and any encountered errors.

    Additionally, consider checking the Windows Event Viewer for any relevant error messages related to WSUS synchronization or content downloading. These logs can provide additional insights into the specific cause of the issue.

    If the problem persists, you may need to seek assistance from Microsoft support or consult the Microsoft TechNet forums for more specialized guidance on troubleshooting WSUS synchronization and update downloading issues in a disconnected environment.

  2. Ravo Maminirina RABEARISOA 11 Reputation points


    The updates are stuck on the client side ?
    Have you checked the windowsupdate log on client side ?

  3. Adam J. Marshall 9,121 Reputation points MVP

    Check the permissions of your WsusContent folder against this:

    If it's all good, run a wsusutil reset on the ONLINE system - perhaps it didn't download everything properly. This will cause the online system to check and verify all files are downloaded properly and are not corrupted. After this is finished (wait 24 hours), run another wsusutil export and import on the disconnected system. Ensure to copy the WHOLE WsusContent folder from the ONLINE system to the disconnected system.

  4. Dijo Joseph 0 Reputation points

    We had the similar issue on Online WSUS Server - Windows Server 2019. We resolved it by

    1. Deleted the WSUS content folder and Restarted WsusService
      (Followed this page -
      Still the Download was really slow.
    2. Change the BitDownloadpriority and Saved the Config. Then Restarted the Server. Then download was much faster and completed.
      ( and


      1. Stop WSUS Service - We used PowerShell
    Stop-Service WsusService
    • Go to WSUS Content Folder and Delete the folders that is stuck (in our cases the new downloads stuck was Nov 2023, So deleted all Nov 2023 created folders, left the Oct 2023 untouched as it was working)
    • Start WSUS Service - We used PowerShell
    Start-Service WsusService
    • Did WsusUtil reset as per the instructions on the link
    wsusutil reset

    Then it started downloading the patches again but really slow in one point it was stuck.

    • To speed up WSUS update download via changing the BITS foreground priority.
    • Then was not sure which Service to restart to this to take effect, So restarted the Server. Download was completed quickly, much faster.

    Hope this helps someone.