Private appointment not showing as private in room calendar when performing Microsoft Graph call

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I have an issue I can reproduce as follows:

In Microsoft Outlook, create a new appointment in a users calendar, invite a room and flag the appointment as private.

Immediately perform a call to


The sensitiivty flag is returned as "private" as expected.

perform the call a second time a few seconds later (once accepted maybe?) and the flag is changed to "normal" which

I have found that if I change the appointment to importance: low in Outlook and send the update, and immediately perform the same call it returns:

importance: low

sensitivity: private

but again after a few seconds it reverts to sensitivity: normal but importance remains as "low"

I need the sensitivity: private flag to be honoured and returned if the organiser sets the appointment as private.

Microsoft Graph
Microsoft Graph
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  1. Gareth Meech 0 Reputation points

    After scratching my head for a few hours before posting this question I have found what was causing this:

    The default value for the -RemovePrivateProperty is $true

    Can anyone explain why this is the default value, what the implications are of setting this to $false are and has this changed recently as I'm pretty sure this used to work (unless my previous testing was withing a couple of seconds but that was a few months ago now)

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