Application is hanging over RDP connection only if connection is started from domain member computer.

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Customer has really weird problem - they are using ERP system over RDP connetion, both desktop sessions and RemoteApp sessions, depends of user work profile.

Now, about month ago we got some calls, that ERP system is staying in "Not responding" status for 15-30 minutes, if some reports have been started. Started troubleshooting and now I have isolated the way how to reproduce the issue. It occurs only when the RDP connection is started from domain member computer and it does not occur, if the computer that does start the session, does not belong the AD. Affected is only the ERP system client that is installed on the RDS session host, if that does not respond, all other apps are working fine.

Tried already every single thing that I can imagine - disabled redirected devices and services one by one, tried to force only TCP or UDP connections, changed authentication methods, all remains the same. When I try to connect from computer that is not the member of the same AD that session host is belonging, everything works fine.

I isolated RDP connection as the problem cause, because if I connect to the user session using our RMM tool and disconnect the RDP session, the report that was in not responding state, opens immediately. When I don't disconnect that RDP session, ERP remains in not responding state.

Any ideas, what could cause that behavior?


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    Here are a few things to consider:

    Check the event logs on both the domain member computer and the remote server for any relevant entries around the time when the application hangs. Look specifically for error or warning messages that might provide more insights into the issue.

    Review Group Policies and security settings applied to the domain member computers, especially those related to Remote Desktop Services or application execution. Ensure that these policies are not impacting the performance or behavior of the ERP system client over the RDP connection.

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