Duplicate data from Cost Analysis Export

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I created daily Cost Management Export following the Azure tutorial.

I am getting loads of duplicate data. If the rows are exactly the same, it is fine, I just deduplicate it. Easy.

The problem arises when the duplicate data is due to different dimensions. Let me put some examples:

CASE 1: Different Resource Groups have the same data

Resourcegroupname, Costinbillingcurrency

resoucegroupABC: 6.519672205369674€

resoucegroupDEF: 6.519672205369674€

What are the odds that two resources have the exact decimals ?

After checking the original Azure Cost Analysis tool, only one of them is correct, the other one has different numbers.

Why is this happenning ?

CASE 2: Locations have wrong data

Data from the export only matches one Location. Example:

Correct number in the Cost Analysis tool --> 100€

Export csv --> 190€, but if filtered by 'EU West' then it is 100€

I tried removing the rest of the locations, but when I do this, I miss a lot of data and the numbers do not match for other dimensions.

Am I understanding something wrong about how the data is exported ?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Azure Cost Management
Azure Cost Management
A Microsoft offering that enables tracking of cloud usage and expenditures for Azure and other cloud providers.
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  1. kosmos 246 Reputation points

    I contacted Azure Support and they solved the issue. The reason is the pricing for the resources is the same and only one unit was consumed, therefore same decimals