Why isn't Action.Execute including Input Values when operating within a channel?

Ryan Fowler 50 Reputation points

I have the following Adaptive Card:

  contentType: "application/vnd.microsoft.card.adaptive",
  content: {
    type: "AdaptiveCard",
    version: "1.5",
    body: [
        type: "Input.Text",
        id: "someText",
        value: "1",
        maxLength: 100,
    actions: [
        type: "Action.Submit",
        title: "Submit",
        id: "submit",
        verb: "submit",
        data: {"action": "submit"},
        type: "Action.Execute",
        title: "Execute",
        id: "execute",
        verb: "execute",
        data: {"action": "execute"}

If I click either button in personal chat with a bot, the bot receives a value for someText as I'd expect.

In a Team Channel, I receive someText with the Action.Submit action, but not with the Action.Execute button. Action.Execute was working a few weeks ago.

How do I use the Action.Execute action type and also receive Input values from the Card?

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  1. Matt Phillips 75 Reputation points

    After 2 months of it not working, this is now working for me.

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  1. Prasad-MSFT 5,481 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    We are also able to repro the issue. In a Team Channel, we received someText with the Action.Submit action, but not with the Action.Execute button.

    //extract from request payload with Submit action

    "value": {
            "action": "submit",
            "someText": "Submit value"

    //extract from request payload with Execute action

    "value": {
            "action": {
                "type": "Action.Execute",
                "id": "execute",
                "title": "Execute",
                "data": {
                    "action": "execute"
                "verb": "execute"
            "trigger": "manual"

    We have raised a bug for the same. We will inform you once we get any further update from engineering team. Thanks!


    Prasad Das


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  2. Jacob B 0 Reputation points

    We are experiencing the exact same thing. Started yesterday with an app that's been running great for a year. Same issue - the Execute action does not post the input fields back to the server.

    What we did discover however, is that it works if we run Teams via Google Chrome - but not Firefox, Edge or the desktop app.

    Seems like Microsoft changes something here?

    Has anybody seen any official posts on this?

  3. Tomlinson, Sean 5 Reputation points

    Thought I was going crazy here, app was working one day and broken the next. Experiencing the same issue, data from associated inputs when action.execute is called from a card in a Teams Channel does not flow through. This only works in a personal chat.

  4. Sebastian Nowacki 0 Reputation points

    MS Team, can sb take a look on this issue? It's blocking our development. Do you have any automation tests for this area? How is it possible that some feature works fine and suddenly is broken completely? Any ETA for fix?