Azure Media Services V3 audio analyzer transcript timestamp incorrect

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I want to know if there is a way to control the output (the content of transcript.vtt file) when using the AudioAnalyzerPreset

The full context here

This is my case:

  • The content of the transcript file I got from the Media Service - Audio Analyzer

WEBVTT NOTE duration:"00:00:48" NOTE recognizability:0.886 NOTE language:en-us NOTE Confidence: 0.9478216 00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:01.680 You know, our mission at NOTE Confidence: 0.9478216 00:00:01.680 --> 00:00:03.360 Microsoft is to empower every NOTE Confidence: 0.9478216 00:00:03.360 --> 00:00:04.572 person and every organization NOTE Confidence: 0.9478216 00:00:04.572 --> 00:00:06.390 on the planet to be able NOTE Confidence: 0.768422245 00:00:06.390 --> 00:00:08.060 to achieve more. Empowerment is

  • As you can see, a single sentence is divided into multiple timestamps. This will cause some trouble for viewers watching the captions because what happened in the video is a bit faster than the caption shows. I made a gif for better understanding .
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Azure Media Services
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  1. ajkuma 24,736 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Following-up on this:

    There is no API provided for modifying the timestamps on the VTT. However, you could create your own processing on the VTT to modify the timestamps per your requirement.

    We do not have a sample for caption reprocessing, just to let you know- there are online caption editors available that can accomplish this. Another possibility is using a text editor, although there are specific editors tailored for VTT files.

    I have relayed this feedback internally to our product engineering team.

    If you wish you may share your feedback on Uservoice - All of the feedback, you share in these forums will be monitored and reviewed by the Microsoft engineering teams responsible for building Azure. Additionally, users with a similar request can up-vote your post and add their comments.

    Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!